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Depart Cape Girardeau travel to Cairo, IL :                                   730 830am                                       33 miles

Arrival Cairo High School - IRT Program                                       830-1130am

Tour IRT program

Depart Cairo High School to Confluence of Mis and Ohio      1130-1145am                                     3 miles

Cairo - Confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers               1145-1200pm

Group Photo at the Confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers

Travel to Giant City State Park Lodge                                        1200-100pm                                   46 miles

Lunch at Giant City State Park Lodge                                            100-200pm

Family Style Fried Chicken Lunch

Union County Women in Business Presentation                   200-230pm

DLN Contact: Susan Odum

LINKS    Giant City Lodge

              Union County Women in Business

Program: Share best practices related to the advancement of female owned businesses in Union County. 

Travel to Touch of Nature                                                               230-245pm                                       2 miles

Presentation of Mountain Bike Park and TOC                                         245-345pm

LINK: Touch of Nature 

Program: Share how TOC has made use of community and other groups and entities to advance the creation of Mountain Bike Trails as a regional destination. 

Depart to Bald Knob Cross of Peace                                            345- 430pm                                     18 miles

Photos                                                                                                   430-445pm

Depart to Alto Vineyards                                                                445-500pm

Reception Alto Vineyards                                                                 500-700pm

Depart to Cape Girardeau                                                                                                                                           30 miles

LINK Alto Vineyards


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